Chad Johnson to be traded..

If anyone read the transcripts from Coach Lewis’ press conference yesterday, they will note the following:

- We have not received an offer for Chad Johnson from Washington
- Chad Johnson won’t be traded

2-3 hours later, we heard this from the very same lips of Coach Lewis

- We rec’d a contact from Washington in regards to Chad Johnson, and we turned it down
- Chad Johnson will count $8M against our cap in 2008 if released or traded before June 1

What does all that mean??

It means, after June 1st, when his $8m salary cap hit can be spread into 2009, expect to see Ocho Cinco traded away where the team that gets him and more afford to cover the cap hit the Bengals will undoubtedly want to recoup.

Don’t fret Bengals fans, ole #85 is certainly on his way out the door of Cincinnati.

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  • IgnatiusJReilly

    If he’s going, good riddance. However, I’d much rather actually get something for him- ala the Redskins offer that we could probably talk up to Dan Snyder taking on some of that cap crunch. It’s all well and good to stick by your guns and not give in to a moron like Chad but, ultimately, the team’s well-being is more important. Plus, I’d much rather go into Georgetown with, say, a DeSean Jackson to return kicks and be groomed for Chad’s spot than with a Doug Gabriel or a Glenn Holt.

  • BeaverThomas

    I think Marvin should say to Chad, "Hey man, how about ponying up some of that Cap for us….You know Arrington did it to get out of his Team/Contract. Why can’t you??Oh, I see, you wanna just walk….Not going to happen, 85."Well, folks, there IS a precident.  I don’t think he will be going anywhere, anytime soon.  And, with 11 picks, some of which they will use to trade up (except for the compensatory ones) they will have a PR / WR in house regardless of what that "other"  Johnson wants to do. Periond.

  • domandjen1976 Dominic gross

    I am so torn, I say get the picks for him all along. But now I am starting to straddle the keep him and let him sit side of the fence. I am tired of these guys that cry and whine and demand to be traded. This world has gotten too loose to contracts, commitments, and loyalty. Either way I am glad Chad is on his way out of Cincy. I have lost all respect!!!

  • Beaver Thomas

    Check out what I picked up on from another site:……………..So we heard ESPN’s Merrill Hoge claim earlier in the day that, based on discussions with the Cincinnati Bengals,
    he believes that the Bengals would only trade receiver Chad Johnson if
    someone gives up two first-round picks and an established player.  And
    the Bengals would want $5 million back from Johnson in previously-paid
    bonus money. 
    Hoge also declares that the Bengals would also be forced to cut running back Rudi Johnson if such a deal is done.
    We’ll assume for now that Hoge has had another concussion.  If not,
    where in the heck did Hoge get the idea that the Bengals would be
    compelled to cut Johnson?  As we’ve previously explained, the $8
    million in dead money that the Bengals would be carrying after a
    pre-June 1 trade would be offset by Johnson’s $3 million base salary,
    resulting in a net hit of $5 million in 2008.
    The easy way to clear the money arising from the Johnson cap hit would be to reduce quarterback Carson Palmer’s
    base salary from $7.75 million to the veteran minimum by paying him a
    big chunk of it right now as a guaranteed amount, which then would be
    prorated over time. 
    Paying Palmer $7 million right now and spreading it over five years
    would clear up $5.6 million in 2008 cap room.  And that would be more
    than enough to cover the net cap hit from trading Johnson.
    Bottom line — if the Bengals wanted to move Johnson, they could do
    it without cutting a single veteran.  The truth is they don’t want to
    trade him, and the only way it happens today is if president Mike Brown
    takes a Hoge-style hit to the head.>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Well, now we KNOW that they could move CJ if they wanted to.  I know I would much rather give cash to Carson.  Don’t GIVE UP……THING CAN HAPPEN ON "DRAFT DAY" but I doubt it because of the pre-June first Cap hit.  Interesting though huh????

  • domandjen1976 Dominic Gross

    Well, he wasn’t traded as expected.  Mike Brown will not give in.  He didn’t against Corey, Carl or any others for that matter and I applaude him for that and I am not a Mike Brown fan by any means.  But I say make Chad wait and I wish they wouldn’t trade him and make him just sit and fester!  But we know they will come June and July.  I would love a Jason Taylor and ship Chad to Miami but Taylor wants to be on a SB challenger and the Bengals unfortunately won’t get there quick enough for Taylor.  But man he would be a missing piece wouldn’t he on that defense?  Then pick up Takeo for veteran support and drop Schlegle and a few other dead weight LB’s.  I am just typing frantically knowing none of this could come about in Bengaldom!!