2008 Draft -- Complete analysis Sunday evening

Updated: Seventh round pick Mario Urrutia, WR Louisville. Finally a player in this region of the draft that can at least return kicks and play on special teams.

 Seventh round pick OLB Angelo Craig, a local product from the University of Cincinnati. What a wasted pick, not because of the player, but because of the position. We don’t need a 7th round LB to come in that isn’t going to compete for a starting spot. We need OL that can provide depth and we need WR that can catch and run a route, along with a DL-man that can stop someone.

Updated: Sixth round pick TE Matt Sherry from Villanova is a mystery pick to me. We have 3 TE’s on the roster with NFL experience and another rookie. This pick could have been a solid Center/Guard for the O-line. I don’t know about some of these picks today. If I had to grade this draft now, I’d go C at best and I’m considering a D+.  I’m hoping something comes out of mini-camp or training camp to say “Ah ha, ok..I didn’t know that about….” and surprise me on one of these picks. The 6th round Fatboy for the middle of the line was probably a good pick, if he can stay out of legal trouble.  

Updated: Sixth round pick DB Corey Lynch from Appalachian State. A relative unknown, that could find his way into the lineup as a nickle or future starter, seems to play alot like Kesvaharn and has good instincts but maybe a little undersized. Add about 10 pounds to this guy and who knows. Should contribute to special teams pretty quickly though.

Updated: Fith Round pick NT Jason Shirley from Fresno State. He’s another one with off-field problems, but is a big body at 340 that is reported to play like a 300 pounder. That could bode well as a late round DT convert, assuming he can stay out of trouble. 

Updated: Fourth round pick OT Anthony Collins from Kansas. As predicted earlier, the Bengals are not drafting to the best player available philosophy. They are drafting to their needs after the first round. However, I still cannot help but wonder how they decided on second rounder Jerome Simpson from a small school when DeSean Jackson and other higher rated players were still available. We all have commented on the scouting, and Cincy’s ability to draft a quality receiver AND one that isn’t still having gansta fantasies seems to be a difficult combination for them (a la Carl Pickens, Chris Henry, now Chad Johnson, and a score of others). Name the top 5 WR’s the Bengals have drafted in the last 4 years, still in the league or still playing for the Bengals, and isn’t always in trouble with the law. TJ is the only one I can think of . The next pick in the fifth round should be interesting. It appears that the Bengals are drafting the best player available, to the position they want. Seems like a targeted draft, choosing whomever is left on the board at that time. But if the best player available is a CB, they won’t draft him. They’ll look for the best DL, OL, RB or WR on the board. Those are their biggest holes to plug.  The fifth round is a good spot to pick up an OL that won’t cost them alot, and could be an immediate or second year player.  They might be able to pick up a WR there that can play special teams immediately as well.

Updated: Third round pick DT Pat Sims Jr from Auburn. While not the best DT in the draft, his stock had risen some from his workouts. The compensatory third round pick by the Bengals is Andre Caldwell, WR. I had said the Bengals would go WR or OL with this pick. I predict in the fourth round we see an OL or RB coming our way . Does he replace the value lost in Eric Steinbach (the reason why the Bengals have this pick)?

Updated: Second round pick Jerome Simpson, WR Coastal Carolina. Looks like the CJ saga just went into high gear.

 First round pick a surprise. Not because they took Rivers, it was well known that he was on the Bengals short list. However the trades by New Orleans and Jacksonville to get ahead of the Bengals to grab Ellis and Harvey were surprises. Cincinnati’s second round pick is on the clock in 11 minutes, and it is very possible we’ll see a WR picked up to offeset the suddenly thin WR corps, due in large part to Chad Johnson’s series of immature comment.

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  • IgnatiusJReilly

    With no disrespect to either Keith Rivers or Jerome Simpson- fine ballplayers both, I’ve got to say I’m pretty disappointed overall in the first two rounds. While Rivers may actually turn out to be a fine pro linebacker but he was decidedly not the pick of the litter from that USC defense. That we sat back and allowed New Orleans to move ahead of us to take him speaks of either Mike Brown’s ineptitude or miserliness. Again, it’s not that Rivers won’t help us but that gaping hole at DT/NG was- or should have been, number one priority and Ellis the primary fix. That brings me to Jerome Simpson- by all accounts a guy with fantastic athletic ability, great hands, and exactly no experience against major college competition. A fine pick… in the next round. Not when, having failed to secure Ellis, both Trevor Laws and Pat Sims were on the board at 46. Not when Limas Sweed, Malcolm Kelly, and  DeSean Jackson were there also- provided a wide receiver was justifiable there in the first place. Marvin, the putative defensive guru, either doesn’t know his a** from a hole in the ground personnel wise or has insufficient influence over the decision making process to reshape the team properly. At his press conference for the Simpson pick, he said that the Coastal Carolina wideout was pretty much exactly where they’d thought he’d be on their board. That tells me he’s either lying/spinning the Browns’ message or that the Bengals’ board is suspect. No analyst I encountered in the days and weeks leading up to the draft had Simpson any higher than mid-third round- with questions about his ability to separate, the sharpness of his route running, and his trouble getting off the line in press coverage.Again, I really don’t want to disparage these two young men. I think they both will probably contribute. I just don’t think they’ll help us step up to contender status. And don’t get me started on the Bengals turning down two straight up first round picks from the Redskins for Chad last night via telephone- according to Jay Glaser.

  • BeaverThomas

    I’m ashamed to say that, although Coastal Carolina University is only a few miles up Hwy 501 from Myrtle Beach where I live I haven’t been to any of their games.Thigpen (also from Coastal) is a backup for Travaris Jackson in Minnesota.  It is amazing the talent that they have found from this smaller school!  The Simpson pick will probably suprise everyone………as it also did me.

  • http://www.taxmanblog.blogspot.com/ Gordon

    So you sat around all day to watch the Bengals draft this bunch? Who’s the loser now?

    Stripehype’s note: This person only posted this comment because I read his blog and found that his comments and predictions on the Bengals were ridiculous, and I then posted our URL for his readers to find a better blog on the Bengals. I won’t delete this post, as I could, because I want people to see how lame this guy is and how lame his Bengals blog is.

  • IgnatiusJReilly

    Nice constructive contribution there, Gordon. After the first two picks today, I feel much better about yesterday. I think Pat Sims is a steal this late and that Bubba Caldwell, also a steal, is a legitimate deep threat as well as a potential kick returner. Collins was a first team All-America and Outland Trophy finalist last year, which makes him a bit of a steal as well. Funny thing, the scouts tout Collins’ "big hands" at 10 3/8" but Jerome Simpson’s are exactly the same size. BTW, here’s a couple videos of Simpson, one of him making a spectacular catch, the other a draft profile;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-B85po3KBdYhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KR-8hdAtabE

  • IgnatiusJReilly

    Let’s see.

    A rock solid, athletic, high character linebacker that can play anywhere on the second level.

    Simpson and Caldwell to replace Blocho Twinco.

    A promising nose tackle, Pat Sims, that may, I repeat,  may help us
    forget about Sedric Ellis. A steal in round three in any event.

    A first team all-American and Outland Trophy nominee OT in Anthony
    Collins, that’s only been playing football  since his junior year of
    high school, highway robbery in the fourth round.

    A solid safety in Corey Lynch and pass receiving tight endin Villanova’s Sherry.

    And a handful of projects; Shirley with off-filed/alcohol  issues,
    Urrutia with injury/concentration issues, and Craig with unspecified
    team-rule breaking issues.If one of those three projects pans out, particularly the behemoth- 6-6 330lb, Jason Shirley or the Calvin Johnson-physiqued- 6-6 235lb,  Mario Urrutia, we’ll really be ahead of the game. The receiver situation should be solid. The linebacking corps borderline fantastic. The secondary, just building on how they were playing towards the end of last season, should be a positive force. The D-Line, particularly if we move Eric Henderson into more of a rush end role should shape up well on the ends. And Peko, with Sims, and hopefully a better contribution from Rucker and a healthy Fanene, should at least stabilize the interior. Hopefully, Willie is healthy, Levi is just blowing off steam, Ghiaciuc has got a better handle on getting some push into the center of the defensive front, Rudi has started eating meat again, TJ can get used to lower numbers as he gets doubled, and we can count on 30+ receptions from the tight end position.Overall grade of this draft, just on paper: C+10 picks; seven solid values, and three rolls of the dice.

  • http://www.melbayshop.com domandjen1976 Dominic Gross

    I love the Rivers pick.  I wasn’t very high on moving to get Ellis.  I felt if he was there you take him if not don’t worry about it.  I think Ellis could be a Bustable pick.  The talk of his motor is great but his stature I think could make or break him.  To get Rivers, a high quality character guy is HUGE!!!  The Fresno guy, we probably don’t know something there, and the Coastal Carolina guy looked awesome on film but can anyone tell me why they reached with him when there were so many other WR at that pick (Kelly, Sweed, and others)????

  • http://www.melbayshop.com domandjen1976 Dominic Gross

    But let me also add….look at the success the Bengals have had finding quality recievers in the past, though some ended up being jerks or idiots.  (Scott, Pickens, Johnson, TJ, Henry)  So I dare not doubt to much the Coastal kid because we have had good success at picking WR’s.  Kudos to whoever has that scouting down!  Now if we can find somebody who can scout out a D-Lineman we are on our way.  And why did we not look at RB?  Is Irons ready?  Is Rudi back to 100%?  I am not even going to mention Chris (KiJana) Perry!!!