What about Chat now??

Well, Cincinnati has now drafted two WR’s in the first four rounds (5 picks total for them). They have a new LB, new DT and new OT as well. Merril Hoge from ESPN reported Cincy’s asking price for a trade for CJ was steep, which of course it should have been. First, I am opposed to trading CJ to give in to the tactics of him and his agent. He signed his contract for long term, he needs to be a man and live up to the contract he signed. Secondly, it sends a strong message to the NFL that if you sign a contract then play these games to get out of it, you will sit. Look at Pickens. In the end, he got to leave to the Titans, and ended up a bust. Look at Corey Dillon, yes he got his ring in NE, but where is he now?? He wasn’t even the difference maker in getting the Pats to the Super Bowl.

I am certain that before training camp starts, CJ will be with another team. However, I am hopeful that he goes to a team that will still struggle with him. He wants traded? Trade him to Minnesota, New Orleans, Oakland, San Francisco or the Jets. Give him all he wants, other than trading him to Dallas. Let him suffer somewhere else, so we don’t have to suffer his immature act any longer.

Goodbye Ocho Cinco. No matter what happens now, the fans will not support you. If they do, shame on them.

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  • BeaverThomas

    I see them moving him but NOT  before June 1st and not without having Chad writing a check.  I have previously made the reference to Arrington wanting out and buying his way out, so I won’t go there gain.  If and when he is traded I truly hope they deal him to a non-contending team.  :-) Amen!  No Shame on Me and no further support for Ocho Stinko

  • http://www.stripehype.com David

    All my sentiments exactly. Let him buy his way out, get traded to another mediocre team. I think he was getting upset that TJ was proving himself to be a more reliable everydown receiver. CJ always wanted to make the big plays, while TJ would go to the yard markers and get the clutch catch to keep a drive going.

  • IgnatiusJReilly

    I’m trying to figure out who we might be able to get for him. I wouldn’t want the unhappy Urlacher- a bigger, uglier Chad. Jason Taylor is a good guy but too old to help us. Washington seems to have addressed their need for a receiver. I don’t want Lito Shepherd. Who might be on the block?

  • http://www.stripehype.com David

    Once the May Minicamps come and go, teams will be able to see who from their draft picks will stick. They’ll make some payroll cuts, or they’ll be looking to reallocate those $$’s to another position. I believe we’ll see the June-early July trade of Chad Johnson. No way will they just release him and let him go on the open market for nothing.

  • http://www.melbayshop.com domandjen1976 Dominic Gross

    I think Cincy will  get a few picks for him.  June 1st I see him gone because they will save a ton of money than trading him this past weekend!  I don’t think we will see any players coming our way like Urlacher, Shepphard, etc.  Mike Brown won’t pay them either.  I am beginning to hope that Chad will end up with someone at the bottom.  I can’t take his banter anymore.   But did anyone else find it strange that he was so quiet over the weekend?  I didn’t hear anything from him did you guys?  That struck me odd!

  • James Buckeye Russell

    See ya later Chad!!!   If he wants out then give the Bengals their due and give them the money that they will lose because of the trade 8 mil.. Bet you won’t do that RIGHT?!  The T.O. virus is strong within you! Maybe the next place that you hang your attitude, you’ll get it right as in auctioning off a car as you did in Cincinnati and then give it to your girlfreind. SMOOTH MOVE EXLAX…NOT! 

  • IgnatiusJReilly

    Here’s another angle to this whole Blocho Finco thing. TJ is in his last year, maybe or maybe not looking for an extension before going FA next year. However, in the absence of Chad- whether by trade or by hold out, TJ’s gonna have to move up to #1 receiver, where he won’t have the benefit of Chad occupying the defense, where he will face double coverage and jamming off the line, and, chances are, he won’t even come close to those gaudy stats and that Pro Bowl birth of last season. Essentially, Chad’s ongoing bout with adult-onset mental retardation is going to impact TJ’s bottom line. Can he talk Chad down and into camp- even for selfish motives? Will the Bengals, knowing what a Chadless season will produce out of TJ, attempt to lowball him on an extension? Or, does he take the risk that a subpar- by his standards, season in ’08 will really put the bite on his upfront money should he sign elsewhere in 2009?Personally, I’m through with Chad but it would seem to behoove TJ to frogmarch his held-out ass back into the fold."But did anyone else find it strange that he was so quiet over the
    weekend?  I didn’t hear anything from him did you guys?  That struck me
    "Dom, I have a feeling Agent Pondscumhaus had Chad tied to a chair with a strip of duct tape slapped across his grill, while the draft took place.