Grading the draft

Well, here it is Monday. The much anticipated draft came in like a lion, and went out like a sheep. We’ve been fleeced. We see a WR coming out of Florida who until the National Title game really wasn’t the biggest draw on the Florida team. With WR Caldwell out of Coastal Carolina (ok, before Saturday, who knew where that school even was?). We got a big boy for the defensive line, but he’s in trouble with the law on occasion (sound familiar?) We got a big OT from Kansas, who may turn out to be the steal of the draft when it comes to OT’s. We got a TE that wasn’t needed as a draft pick (would have probably still be there as a undrafted Free Agent). A DE/LB in Angelo Craig from UC that isn’t a scrub, but was a position that could have been drafted for another OL or DL. We drafted a safety (Ndukwe, White, Jackson, Busing, Jones, more..) that really wasn’t a need. We did get a top LB (or at least he projects to be a top LB), we got the OT Collins that could be a help.

All I can say is this: The Bengals had 10 draft picks. From where I’m sitting, we got 4, maybe 5, players that can help out. The rest will either not make the team, or be yet another legal distraction off the field. I’m not a proponent of having traded CJ for a first round pick. I don’t want to reward him for his poor behavior and lack of ethic. However, if I had known the Bengals would draft this poorly and not be able to get up to ensure they got Ellis, I would have clamored for the trade to get the extra first round pick to trade up with.

My grade for this draft : D

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  • IgnatiusJReilly

    The more I think about this draft, the more I like it. Here’s why:Keith Rivers- I don’t think we could find a better combination of athleticism and character. I think he’ll start from day one and be a defensive leader here for years to come. Plus, he’ll provide a good example for Odell and Ahmad.Jerome Simpson- The best hands in the draft, reasonable speed, good size, and freakish leaping ability for those corner fades and downfield jumpballs. Small college or not, he’s more complete than any of those big-time, one flaw names we skipped- Kelly/speed, Sweed/consistency, Manningham/speed, character. Lap says that Pittsburgh had him penciled in to take in round two as well but had to go with plan b, Sweed.Pat Sims- He fell because of questions about his passion for the game.  Those questions arose because he left the team for a year after his sister- who’d essentially been a mother to him, passed away. But Sims is a baller who plays hurt and has been compared to the young, havoc-wreaking Sam Adams. The combination of he and Rivers more than makes up for missing Ellis- especially considering the pick where we got Sims would have been the one we’d have had to give up for Ellis.Bubba Caldwell- A legitimate first day talent, with excellent speed, good hands, and the ability to excel at both kick returns and end-arounds. Moves well after the catch and has thrived in the glare of the spotlight at a bigtime program in high-pressure games.Anthony Collins- This guy was a first team All-American and Outland Trophy finalist who’s still only been playing ball since his junior year of high school. He’s like a more-refined but equally athletic Stacy Andrews, who can potentially everywhere but center. And we got him in the fourth round.Jason Shirley- Alright, this is a roll of the dice, no question but, when you think about his upside and the total number of picks in our arsenal this year, the risk is calculated. Shirley is 5 inches taller and thirty pounds heavier than Ellis. He dusted Sed in the forty by more than two tenths of a second, in the vertical by eight inches and in the broad jump by over a foot. He’s really a freak of nature. And, mark my words, one slip-up off the field and he’ll be packed back off to Fresno or wherever he comes from without it being much of a loss to our roster/budget.Corey Lynch- The antithesis, I guess, to Jason Shirley. He’s got a degree in physics, he hits like a bus, and he’s either dating or married to the granddaughter of the Rev. Billy Graham- and promptly thanked Jeebus for letting him be drafted. Think Jon Kitna as Steve Tasker, a real special teams difference maker and potentially a good in the box strong safety. Plus, he’s the guy who blocked that last field goal attempt by Michigan that gave App. State the upset last year. That’s worth major street cred in these parts.Matt Sherry- Apparently a fast, receiving tight end that needs to learn how to block. Motivation, perhaps, for Daniel Coats?Angelo Craig- A ‘tweener who might find some playing time as a rush end/outside linebacker but probably not.Mario Urrutia- Huge wide receiver- 6-6, 230lbs., who’s injuryand consistency-plagued junior year should have had him back in the ‘Ville for his senior season. That said, a big upside at little cost and as likely to contribute as Chatman or Maxwell.I’d say we have five or six players here who will contribute this year, at least two starters, a couple works in progress, and an out and out roll of the dice. I give it a B-

  • Joe

    Excellent breakdown by IgnatiusJReilly – I agree with his points across the board, especially the Rivers/Sims package being better than Ellis alone, and the risk/reward potential of Jason Shirley.  I think the Bengals have all kinds of latitude now to switch between the 3/4 and the 4/3, something Ellis didn’t offer.  Matt Sherry is the one pick that I thought came in from way out in left field.

  • IgnatiusJReilly

    Undrafted free agents we’ve picked up thus far:

    DB Simeon Castille, AlabamaOG James Blair, Western MichiganOL Justin Britt, AlabamaFB Bradley Glatthaar, CincinnatiDE Anthony Hoke, CincinnatiFB Tyler Whaley, Ohio StateWR Clyde Logan, Idaho StateI like Castille and Hoke. Logan is a 6-4" target. Don’t know much about the rest. Safety Nick Turnbull was released today as well.

  • domandjen1976 Dominic Gross

    I agree with Ludwig in would have to give up to much for Ellis.  And I am sticking with the fact that he could be the bust of the draft.  He does not have the arm span and some of the other attributes that would have helped our line.  I would question getting someone so small.  So for not giving up those picks we get Rivers and Sims!  I think we are looking at the weirdest draft by the Bengals but quite possilby in my eyes the best in awhile.  The Bengals are notorious for finding those gems of a receiver and I assume that is what the kid from Coastal is going to be for us.  The Caldwell pick is GREAT!  A national title guy that could produce immediately.  And keep your eye on that big fricking target from Louisville.  All these guys need to do is run their routes and catch the ball…Carson will do the rest.  I would have also liked to see us pick up a back.  I know we have Rudi back and Watson was a major surprise last year but c’mon Irons won’t be ready and Perry is a bust.  That is the only beef I have with the draft strategy and oh the convict we got from Fresno.  Other than that I would give us a C+ with the belief we will see it become an A- after the first few games!  PROVE US WRONG BUNGALS!!