Bengals fans..

You guys are doing great with constructive comments on the draft. I don’t agree with some, couldn’t agree more with others, but hey, that’s why I love this stuff so much. I will say this, I WANT the Bengals to prove me wrong, I WANT this massive OT from Kansas to jump in at guard and demolish Cleveland’s NT (anyone catch his name, Rogers or something?? lol) and I also WANT to have to post an apology at the end of the season for being wrong all along.

I think Rivers will contribute and getting Thurman back (if he plays at the same or near same level) will be a huge upgrade at LB for us over the last 2 years. I believe Sims can be useful if he’ll keep himself out of trouble, and possibly this safety might be a sleeper. I would like to see the following upgrades:

- 2-3 rookies on special teams be contributors. Return one for a TD, block a kick, force fumbles, do SOMETHING

- Rivers to NOT be out of position and to be able to tackle someone alone in the open field and not miss

- Sims to actually use that 340 lb frame to plug up a hole

- Anthony Collins to be the next guard to be dominant in the league or at least be able to push some of these fat Dlineman around and get some cushion for the running game

- Jerome Simpson to be able to run a GOOD route, AND hold onto the ball and catch it before he tries to run the ball

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  • James Buckeye Russell

    If Mike Brown would’ve traded CJ(to Washington) and just for this year take the hit on the salary cap the DL could’ve really been beefed up!Stubborn is good when it comes to big time players but when the chance to improve your team is there you have to take it.  The draft was OK though. With Rivers and Thurman that will improve the LB’s but you still need a run stopping DT.

  • domandjen1976 Dominic Gross

    I think Ellis would have been good pick but do you really think he would have been that run stopping DT?  I don’t think so I think he might have the ability to become a good player in the future but I also think he could be the biggest bust of the draft.  I think not giving up so much to invest in that one DT opened the door for us to get Rivers and so much more.  You have to look at the fact we got some DT guys later in draft plus we have Odom and Geathers.  Who is to say they don’t convert one of these thousands of LB’s into a DT??  We have  a few that I think could be tweeners in that spot.  We will have to see.  I like the fact they did not trade up to get Ellis.  If anything Dorsey fell a bit in the draft.  Now that would have been interesting to trade up for! 

  • IgnatiusJReilly

    Rivers + Sims > Ellis, in the long run- though, yeah, I was pretty steamed, initially,  when it became apparent we weren’t trading up for Sedrick. With this influx of receivers, I’m pretty convinced that Chad is history come June 1st- or at least history from the Bengals’ locker room. A linebacking corps of Brooks, Rivers, and Thurman looks almost imposing even in print. I’ve decided I’m fully on the Jason Shirley bandwagon. I mean, one screw-up and he’s gone but think of opposing centers seeing that beast line up on their nose. Hell, we could line Shirley up at center for us directly across the line from that Shaun fellow. Goodbye, little man!

  • domandjen1976 Dominic gross

    You really think Shirley is going to pan out?  I believe in second chances and I am proud that Odell has made his way back.  But Odell did it on his own.  Chris Henry tried it on his own and look at him.  There doesn’t seem to be any type of support for troubled players except in house.   I guess in Dallas, Grant Hill’s dad has done wonderful things with dealing with problem players but Cincy doesn’t seem to have that support for a guy like Shirley.  I hope your right and he proves us and the commentators all wrong!

  • IgnatiusJReilly

    Shirley at least seems to get it. While there’s some talk of the after effects of a concussion having something to do with his behavior, he has not used it as an excuse, at least in interviews. He’s taken responsibility, acknowledged he’s on thin ice now, and even continued taking classes towards graduation this year while serving his suspensions. Still, he’s a big risk, no doubt about it and the team has made it abundantly clear that it’s a one strike and you’re out situation for him. I don’t really know if I’d classify Shirley, now, as troubled and, as of now, the Bengals haven’t given him any second chances, just this first one. This guy makes Ellis look like a girlie man and if he comes correct, we could have one of the most feared defensive players in the league. Alternately, if he comes like a chump, we send him home with nothing lost but a late round roll of the dice.

  • domandjen1976 Dominic Gross

    I watched Shirley on the Draft guys youtube video.  My gosh he is a beast.  If this guy doesn’t get into trouble he will be the steal of the draft.  He will take on a whole line himself!  How scary will he be when the Bengals strength coaches get a hold of him!  WOW!!

  • IgnatiusJReilly

    I’m 6-4 and about 280 and this guy makes me feel dainty. ;)

  • IgnatiusJReilly

    I posted this in the forum but, in case you didn’t know, the Enquirer is reporting that a woman has charged Ahmad Brooks with punching her in the face when she tried to break up an argument between he and her neighbor. Then again, seeing as the incident allegedly took place on the 9th of last month and she’s just now reporting it, I’m hoping it’s just a case of some psychological trainwreck looking for her Oprah moment.Obviously, if it’s true, sayonara, sucker.

  • domandjen1976 Dominic Gross

    I hope that its just a money hunting lady too.  That sounds so terrible but I love the upside to Brooks and would hate to see him lose it all over this!