Goats of the Game: Marvin Lewis, Carson Palmer


Marvin Lewis fails to challenge a Chris Perry non-fumble.

Carson Palmer tosses a red zone pick.

Game over.

Defense did a decent job, even put seven on the board. But when your “offense” can only produce three points, you won’t win many games.


Oh, and yeah: the offensive line needs an enema.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Dave H(former Stripehype Blogger)

    Well, here we go again.

    The offensive line sucks. Can’t run block at all. Couldn’t dominate Elder HS.  Hell at least UC played like a pro team yesterday against the #4 team in the country. The Bengals and the Ravens are the dregs of the AFC North.

    Carson Palmer made ridiculous choices.

    Chris Perry cost 2 delay of game penalties. You could see him going to Carson everytime Carson made a call at the line. Perry doesn’t know the offense, he can’t read his blockers, and he goes down on first contact 85% of the time. I’d rather see Watson as the starter.

    The defense was their usual self. They make some plays, but by and large get gashed and can’t hold it when the time is on the line. Odom didn’t show much (I know, he had no real camp or preseason, but he’s a pro, and no excuses). Thornton needs to retire. Fanene needs to start. The Ravens KNEW Cincy would come aggressive so they went into pass blocking schemes, let the line collapse in some, then would throw over their head to a running back on a screen and he’d be 4 yards behind our lineman and have 3-8 yards before seeing our LB’s or secondary.

    All I know is that I cannot find one positive change in this whole mess. While I had hoped to be surprised, and to be wrong about the Bengals, I find myself feeling like I was right all along.

  • http://stripehype.com kingwilly

    There is no shortage of superlatives to describe how bad that game was played by the so-called NFL Bengals.

    Facing a team with a first-year head coach, rookie QB, rookie RB, and a defense that the Bengals have beaten before, this team was out-classed, out-hustled, out-coached and out-manned. They were beaten in every possible way.

    To those who say “Pre-season doesn’t matter”, I can only respond by pointing out that it does matter when you are not just not making progress but actually regressing in plain sight. How do you fix it? How do you turn it around? There are no easy answers. The time to DRILL it into the team was during camp and pre-season. Repetition, repeats, conditioning are all things that cannot get fixed week to week during the regular season.

    The next steps to me seem blurry. Does this team have the luxury of time to get it right? Nope. They must move forward quickly to prepare for an energized Titans team that showed it is a physical force on defense. We are likely to see more of the same: poor play form the O-line, Carson hurried into poor decisions, no rhythm with the WR’s, and a predictable game-plan and playcalling.

    Of note was the tentative advances in play on defense. Not that they were so much “better” but more that they have the chance to be better. I guess I mean they did not take a step back today, as did the other side of the ball.

    It was a cringe-worthy game that points more towards a season of suffering for the average bengals fan, rather than the possibility of good things to come.

  • http://www.whodeyfans.com WhoDeyFans

    Dave,  don’t you root for the Browns?

    I think the D did play better.  The offense is the side of the ball that let us down.  The O line needs to give Palmer time and Carson needs to man up.

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  • http://www.clevelandbrowns.com Dave H (former blogger)

    Yep, I have converted to the Browns. Even bought myself a Steinbach browns jersey, in honor of the most stupid move Mike Brown has made in years (not tagging Steinbach). He would be our starting center right now.