Bengals Mock Draft Big Board 4/6

With a little less than three weeks remaining before the 2009 NFL draft, opinion about who the Cincinnati Bengals will select with the sixth pick has reached a consensus: if either Eugene Monroe or Jason Smith is still available when the clock starts ticking for the Bengals, they will be the pick.

However, most of the mockosphere believes both those players will be gone by six, and in that case, defensive tackle B.J. Raji is far and away the leading contender for a Cincinnati uniform. However, a strong minority of mockers think that the Bengals’ o-line is simply too much of a train wreck for the team to go in any other direction, and that they will pull the trigger on Andre Smith or Michael Oher.

As always, the Big Board was assembled by combing through Fansided’s Mock Draft Database, and also incorporates mocks from, CBS Sports, and Fox Sports. It uses only mocks that have been updated within the last two weeks.

Bengals Big Board
Pick Position School Votes Change
B.J. Raji DT Boston College 36 +4
Eugene Monroe OT Virginia 19 -4
Andre Smith OT Alabama 15 -2
Brian Orakpo DE Texas 8 +5
Michael Oher OT Ole Miss 8 +4
Michael Crabtree WR Texas Tech 6 -7
Jason Smith OT Baylor 4 +2
Chris “Beanie” Wells RB Ohio State University 3 -2
Aaron Maybin DE Penn State 2 +1
Aaron Curry LB Wake Forest 1

By position, that’s 46 (no change) votes for offensive tackle, 36 (+4) for defensive tackle, 10 (+6) for defensive end, 6 (-7) for wide receiver, 3 (-3) for running back, and 1 (+1) for linebacker.

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