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Levi Says He's Healthy, Eyes Cards

Cincinnati Bengals left tackle Levi Jones told the Arizona Republic columnist Bob Young that his “health is good” and that playing for his hometown Cardinals “would be the ultimate goal.”

“I definitely would want to play here (Arizona). That would be the ultimate goal. I don’t fully know what their situation is at tackle or what their needs are. It’s in God’s hands. I’d love to come home, but wherever I’m called, that’s where I’ve got to go. it’s the nature of this league.”

“My health is good. A lot of people thought it was my knee last year, but i it was actually my right leg. I had a lot of scar tissue up and down my right leg that caused it do go numb. I got that operated on this year and I’m good. I’m here in the Valley working out at API every day.”

Reports surfaced weeks before the draft that the Bengals were looking to move Jones, and his agent, Kenny Zuckerman, said they were told that if a trade couldn’t be worked out by draft day, Jones would be released. Following the draft, reports were confused on what the Bengals’ plans are for Jones.

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  • Victor

    I’ve not stopped supporting Levi Jones. I appreciated the many times he played through injuries. I don’t enough about the inside friction with management to take either side. I do know that a healthy Levi Jones would take the 2009/2010 Bengals O-line to elite status. It would hurt to see him be productive anywhere other than with the Black-n-Orange wreaking crew.

  • david

    Friction or no, if I’m the Bengals I’m in no hurry to deal him or cut him loose. His $3 million salary is peanuts in NFL terms, the Bengals have plenty of cap space, and even if they get Andre Smith signed on time for camp, why start a rookie tackle if you don’t have to?

  • COB

    I remember the last time Levi proclaimed himself healthy. Jared Allen ran him off the field. I have absolutely zero faith in Levi Jones coming back as anything but a depth guy. The rookie will be better than Levi, though that’s mediocre praise.

  • david

    Probably true. OTOH depth is good. The Bengals cheaped out last year, ditching Willie over peanuts, and then watched their alleged RT of the Future cough up nearly 10 sacks and blow out his knee. Can’t you just see them letting Levi go, only to have Smith hold out of camp and then get hurt trying to rush up to speed in September? And Levi playing decently someplace else? It’s the kind of thing that always seems to happen to this team. No matter what they do it ends up being the wrong call.