Cedric Benson Likely Out Sunday

Who didn’t see that coming, eh? From the moment word broke that the Cincinnati Bengals were sniffing around RB Larry Johnson, experienced Bengals fans knew Cedric Benson’s allegedly minor hip injury wasn’t so minor after all. That isn’t to say that Benson is done or anything, but clearly it was expected he’d need some time. If they thought he would only miss one game, an LJ signing probably isn’t necessary.

That Ced’s banged up shouldn’t come as news. He’s been a brutal pace so far this season, with 205 carries in nine games. Moreover, a variety of dings and dents have plagued him his whole career; Benson’s never played a full 16-game NFL season.

All that said, Benson is clearly on fire this year, and his return to the lineup can’t come soon enough. However, as far as this week’s game is concerned, Cincinnati has a proven weapon against the Raiders in Johnson. In 10 career games against Oakland, LJ has 938 yards and 11 touchdowns. How much work LJ gets will depend on how quickly he gets in sync with the offense. So far, reports are encouraging.

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  • gregstephens

    He got 78 yards against the Raiders once this year behind KC’s crappy line? I didn’t realize that. I look forward to this.

    Sucks about Crocker, though.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    don’t count on lj carrying the load. sounds like he may get a few carries, but not start. sounds like bernard scott will start and deservedly so. scott could be a diamond in the rough, and really end up being a jem long term. i’d be more excited about the oportunity for scott then a washed up lj. johnson is insurance, but benson is the horse. i think you guys will be damn pleased with scott down the road. and for this sunday. he’s primed for a huge game.