The Ham Sandwich Draft Bet

Todd McShay’s latest mock tabs Dez Bryant for the Bengals in what is becoming a rather plausible scenario. I think a lot of teams might be a bit gun-shy in regard to character issues considering the whole Big Ben/Little Elephant scandal in Georgia. That could leave Bryant in the Bengals lap. In his second scenario, McShay gives the Bengals Jermaine Gresham, prompting the soon-to-be infamous ham sandwich bet.

Allow me to explain. It seems that almost every draft “expert” is giving the Bengals Gresham. I think they are all wrong. I have no rational reason to believe this, no inside sources, nothing. Just a hunch that the Bengals will draft someone else. And I’m willing to bet a ham sandwich on this – actually several of them.

Here’s how it works. If the Bengals draft Gresham, I will admit my mistake and eat my words. And you can eat a ham sandwich that I will end in the mail (as long as that complies with current U.S. Postal regulations). If the Bengals don’t draft Gresham, you must write a glowing testimonial about StripeHype, something that seems stolen from one of those late night Ron Popeil or Power Chopper infomercials.

So there’s the bet. Any takers?

  • BeaverThomas

    There is NO way that I would take that bet. How many times has cincy actually went with the status quo on any draft?
    okay, don’t answer that :-)

    I see a Safety, not another TE. However, if Dez Bryant is there at 21…… I think they would almost have to in order to insure the WR corp continues to grow on the back end.

    I do….love HAM!
    BTW…Nate. You are doing an excellent job with your posts. (just getting posts up for me to read is a plus for StipeHype actually)

    Best Regards,
    Beaver In Myrtle Beach

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  • nate

    Thanks Beaver.

    I’ll trade you my weather and a 7th rounder for yours any time.

    Keep rooting on the team. This is our year. Don’t Stop Believing.