Bengals and Tank Johnson to Part Ways?

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Around Midnight on Monday Bengals’ Defensive Tackle Tank Johnson tweeted the following:

Left my momma 11 years ago and said momma I’m goin to play football! Been gone every since. Momma I’m comin home #awesome

It appears that the Bengals and Johnson may be soon parting ways.  Most could agree this tweet can be read one of 3ways.

  1. Traded: The Bengals have traded Tank away to a team he has connections with. There are three teams with significant meaning stick out. He was born around Chicago (Doubt they want him back). He was raised in Arizona. He went to school in Washington. So the Bears, Cardinals and Seahawks could all be the mystery team.
  2. Cut: The Bengals cut Johnson. Tank went the way of Antwan Odom and was released. He’s got some free time on his hands and he’s going back home.
  3. Retired: Tank doesn’t feel like putting up with another “long season”. He rather take his money and go relax with his family. Seems logical, an older player may not care to stay on a young team that’s rebuilding still growing.
In either scenario the Bengals may feel Tank is expendable. And if Sims becomes healthy, Geno shows he has the ability to be a starter an McDonald can contribute, Tank is is the odd man out.
Check back later to see more info about the meaning behind the Tweet.


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