Stripe Hype Mock Draft: Picks 1-12 Version 3.0

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1. Indianapolis Colts



Andrew Luck
QB, Stanford
The colts will take no chances when selecting their new franchise QB. Luck will be their top pick and likely opening day starter. The Colts will likely have a deal worked out with Luck prior to making him the #1 overall selection. The Colts made it public that they will indeed select Luck with the top pick.


2. Washington Redskins



Robert Griffn III
QB, Baylor
Griffin has as high a ceiling as any prospect in this years’ draft, and some are saying he’ll have a greater impact than Cam Newton did a year ago. He’s a lock to got to the Redskins and become the first franchise QB the team has had in decades.


3. Minnesota Vikings



Matt Kalil
The Vikings currently have one of the NFL’s worst offensive lines, but Kalil will give them a tremendous boost as he’ll become a franchise tackle in no time. The team is debating on taking LSU CB Morris Claiborne to upgrade their weak secondary, but in the end, I believe they’ll make the smart pick and take Kalil. Vikings GM Rick Spielman has said trade talk are starting to heat up, so this pick could easily be made by another team come draft time.


4. Cleveland Browns



Justin Blackmon
WR, Oklahoma State
The Browns pass on a QB this early and upgrade their wide receiver group by taking Blackmon, and will likely take QB Brandon Weeden in the last 1st or early 2nd round to compliment him. Blackmon will assume the #1 WR role on day 1, as their receiving corps was by far the worst in the NFL.


5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers



Trent Richardson
RB, Alabama
The Bucs nab the draft’s most dynamic offensive player not named Luck or Griffin, and T-Rich and LeGarrette Blount become one of the NFL’s best RB 1-2 punches. Richardson is the most complete RB prospect since Adrian Peterson, and he should have a significant impact as soon as he steps onto an NFL field. His ability to pass-block consistently, as well as catch passes out of the backfield will keep him the #1 RB in Tampa for a long time.


6. St. Louis Rams



Morris Claiborne
The Rams have routinely had one of the league’s worst pass-defenses, but Claiborne provides them with the shutdown corner they’ve longed for. By pairing him with Cortland Finnegan, the Rams instantly become one of the hardest teams to throw against.


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