With Bengals Over Populated at Wideout, who gets Cut?

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With the pick ups of “Mo” Sanu and Marvin Louis Jones in the 2012 Draft, the Bengals may have to make a tough decision for whom to let loose. Currently on the team is A.J. Green, Mo Sanu, Marvin Jones, Andrew Hawkins, Brandon Tate, Jordan Shipley, Armon Binns, Ryan Whalen, Vidal Hazelton. That accounts for Nine receivers, when most teams only carry six. During the Bengals minicamp this weekend, Marvin Lewis had high praise for Marvin Jones, Mohamed Sanu, and Armon Binns, saying all three had a good chance of making the 53-man roster and seeing significant playing tme this year.

Now grant it there is the Practice squad, but those players are also free game for other NFL teams. The fact that the team is considering bringing in WR Braylon Edwards isn’t helping matters either.

So with the surplus at receiver, who gets launched?


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