Part 2 of Stripe Hype Exclusive Q&A with Cincinnati Bengals RG Kevin Zeitler

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WDJ: What is your greatest football memory that you were apart of and witness to as a fan?


KZ: My greatest memory while playing would be winning the two Big Ten championships the past two years. As a fan I would say watching the Packers win a superbowl, both superbowls.


WDJ: As a professional athlete, are you prepared to be a role model to kids today?


KZ: I believe I am. I’ve always tried to do everything I do to the best of my ability and I’ve always tried to live my life the right way.


WDJ: Is there any advice you’d like to send out to the kids with aspirations of one day making it to where you are now?


KZ: Just to figure out what your dream is and then work your butt off to get it. Don’t get distracted by little things and stay focused on your goal.


WDJ: A players number is treated like the holy grail, were you disappointed when you were given a different number in Cincinnati?


KZ: Not at all, I’m happy with my new number.


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