Part 1 of Stripe Hype Exclusive Q&A with Cincinnati Bengals RG Kevin Zeitler

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WDJ: How do you plan to address your weeknesses?


KZ: The only way I know how, with a lot of hard work over this summer especially with technique. As far as being quiet I just have to be more open.


WDJ: How well do you think you fit the Bengals offensive scheme?


KZ: From what I’ve seen, a lot of the stuff they run is similar to plays we ran at Wisconsin which will hopefully help with learning them. I Think that I have what they were looking for along the O-line so hopefully I fit in.


WDJ: What current player in the NFL would you compare yourself too?


KZ: I always watched Steve Hutchinson. He plays very explosively and always does well.


WDJ: Who was the greatest influence on your life on & off the field?


KZ: My Dad was my greatest influence. Even though he never pushed me into sports he held me accountable for everything I did in academics, chores, and music. It helped  instill a work ethic that has really helped me through my athletic career. On the field I’d say was Coach Bostad, my O-line coach at Wisconsin. He never let us settle and pushed us to be the best everyday.



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