The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Part 1- The Good

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Feb 3, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton is interviewed on radio row at the Super Bowl XLVI media center at the J.W. Marriott. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

A relatively lulling period of NFL speculation sets in for everyone this time of year from the most cherished ESPN pundocracy to the lowliest sports blogger.  The over-analyzing of the Combine and Draft now aside, the football enthusiast in us all yields its high-octane condensed Sunday fanaticism to a more pastoral patience, glancing only casually at sports sections and scrolling tickers for any between-the-lines captions relating back to what is occurring in our respective divisions as we await the start of Training Camps across the League.

For now, the Bengals ride the wave, however; a 9-7 regular season record that didn’t produce a single win against a play-off caliber opponent is wincingly concerning at the very least.  An incredible Draft outing and solid work free agency reads great on paper, but so did the Philadelphia Eagles last year.  Nonetheless, let’s highlight five of the uniquely positive and not underscored efforts that the Bengals have going for them as they move forward into the 2012 season. 

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