Its Time to get ready for Fantasy Football

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It’s getting time to put on my Tom Landry coaching hat, and start sizing up the players that will lead your fantasy team to a title. There are definitely surprises, but you have to be smarter than the herd’s that will just follow the same old projection sheets.

#20. Adrian Peterson – Torn ACL and MCL. Every player in NFL history felt they could come back with no issues. Then at the beginning of the second season after the injury they point out that it take two seasons to recover.

#19. Andre Johnson – He’s getting older and the injuries are adding up.

#18. Matt Forte – They signed Michael Bush and his mind is on the contract. If he gets it there will be a letdown.

#17. Ryan Matthews – Norv Turner is old school in the way he uses his running backs. He is not a back by committee kind of guy.

#16. Wes Welker – The greatest thing about Welker is the consistency. Its great to know you can count on the points.

#15. A.J. Green – He is the Bengals biggest weapon, and is going to get better. As the season goes on, and the younger guys get better Green can boom at fantasy playoff time.

#14. Matthew Stafford – You’ll know why he is ranked this low in a few spots.

#13. Peyton Manning – By all accounts he has recovered from neck surgery, and will put up huge numbers. It is neck surgery though. That drops him out of the 1st round.

#12. Calvin Johnson – Why so low? Madden curse! I don’t believe in voodoo, but I do believe it gets in these guys heads. You can’t have your #1 pick go out. The only man to live through the Madden curse was Drew Brees, and he threw 22 interceptions. If he slides to the second, it’s worth the risk. His injury will drop Stafford’s value.

#11. Chris Johnson – He looked horrible last season, and has a huge chip on his shoulder. He should drop.

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