Week in Review: Can't Miss Bengals Predictions for 2012

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I woke up this morning, having had very deep and insightful dreams all night. These visions were given to me, showing me what will come to pass this year. I have been given a great gift, and am choosing to share this knowledge with all of you, and I hope this information will help in some small way. I now list the things that will happen concerning the Cincinnati Bengals in 2012.

A.J. Green breaks 1000 yards receiving and has more than 10 TDs. Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman says in an interview that he was misquoted.

In an effort to top Jerome Simpson‘s TD flip from last season, Jordan Shipley takes off his cleats, then juggles them along with his helmet and signing the ball with his toes at the same time. It’s still not voted play of the year.

Taylor Mays literally knocks at least one opposing wide receiver into the middle of next week, prompting him to charge fans $100 to experience time travel.

Andy Dalton continues to put on muscle, and during a week seven game with the Steelers, he throws a ball so hard that it knocks Troy Polamalu unconscious. Dalton is fined and the ball is suspended for 4 games.


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