Week in Review: Stripe Hype Fantasy Football Positional Breakdown

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1. Aaron Rodgers- Dude puts up video game like stats week-to-week. It doesn’t matter what receiver, tight end, or running back, Dr. Rodgers is going to throw it to him and their going to score quick.

2. Tom Brady- Year in and year out Brady is the top QB in the league.  Doesn’t matter who he has lined up at receiver, he consistently throws to Gronk and Hernandez in the red zone, and teams know that, but they still can’t stop it.

3. Cam Newton- Cam shocked the football world in the first two weeks throwing for over 400 yards in both games.  He set records with his ability to run.  With a season under his belt, defenses are going to struggle with keeping him out of the end zone.

4. Drew Brees- Yes I know Brees broke Marino’s record last year and he should be higher.  But this contract negotiation between him and the team could get ugly.  He is not in mini camps and may not be there until his contract is settled.  And they do not have the offensive guru in charge anymore, Sean Payton.  Not saying Brees won’t have a good year, but the three guys above him are safer options.

5. Matt Stafford- Throwing to a wide receiver named Megatron makes his job a little easier, but Stafford has weapons all over the field that contribute to their aerial attack.

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