From Glam To Fam: Bengals Receivers

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Aug 8, 2010; Canton, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals receivers Chad Ochocinco (85), left, and Terrell Owens (81) watch on the sidelines during the fourth quarter of a preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys at Fawcett Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

It wasn’t very long ago (2010 to be exact) when the Bengals decided to focus more on a star studded cast of a team (that seemed more like a reality show) than driven, hard-working, blue collar players. It was an attempt to get the Bengals and disgruntled franchise quarterback, Carson Palmer, players that could take them deep into the playoffs. Instead, it took the team off the deep end.

The always flamboyant Chad Ochocinco headed up the cast with the supporting role being played by newly acquired wide receiver Terrell Owens. Ochocinco and Owens (or T.Ocho as they liked to be called) were players who never seemed to focus much on the team aspect of the game. Instead, they would gripe over the fact that they weren’t getting the football enough and, in consequence, were unable to pad their own stats.

Even team activities took a backseat to these prima donnas personal endeavors. Instead of participating in voluntary workouts with the team, they would rather spend time on their reality television shows in attempt to grow their popularity.

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