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John Ashbrook’s Fantasy Football Mock Draft: Rounds 3-4

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All right, the first two rounds of this mock draft may not have gone how you might expect it to in your couch potato leagues starting up over the next few months. But I implore you; keep reading, because in a game that focuses on points on the scoreboard, drafting two Running Backs in a row isn’t going to bring home the hardware at the end of the season. I’m offering up, in my opinion, the 12 best strategies to drafting your fantasy football team based on how fate determines your draft position. And don’t tell me it doesn’t make a difference, because that is sheer lunacy.

Nobody is so convinced that Chris Johnson will rush for 2,000 yards again that they would be willing to spend the #1 overall pick in their draft on him. Nobody is that unwavering on Tom Brady breaking Drew Brees single season passing yards record this year that they would without hesitation waste a top 5 pick on him. If either of these scenarios applies to you your fantasy football license should be suspended for 60 days for delusional behavior. Now that being said, here’s a quick review on where each team stands before we get started on rounds 3 and 4.



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