John Ashbrook’s Fantasy Football Mock Draft: Rounds 3-4

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Review: Team A- Arian Foster (1st round, 1st overall), Adrian Peterson, (2nd round, 24th overall)

Team B- Ray Rice (2nd ovr.), Greg Jennings (23rd ovr.)

Team C- LeSean McCoy (3rd), Mike Wallace (22nd)

Team D- Maurice Jones-Drew (4th), Matt Forte (21st)

Team E- Aaron Rodgers (5th), Rob Gronkowski (20th)

Team F- Drew Brees (6th), Steven Jackson (19th)

Team G- Marshawn Lynch (7th), Larry Fitzgerald (18th)

Team H- Calvin Johnson (8th), Darren McFadden (17th)

Team I- Frank Gore (9th), Matthew Stafford (16th)

Team J- Tom Brady (10th), Fred Jackson (15th)

Team K- Ryan Matthews (11th), Chris Johnson (14th)

Team L- Cam Newton (12th), Andre Johnson (13th)


You can argue over some of the spots these picks were taken, but the bottom line is that these are the 24 best available players in your fantasy football draft. Selecting any of these players after the first two rounds is a steal and anyone gambling on a player outside of these top 24 guys in the first two rounds is an amateur, not to be taken seriously, except that they seriously don’t care about their team this year. So how about we go ahead and move on to round 3.

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