Week in Review: The Legacy of Ochocinco

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When If the Dolphins don’t win the Super Bowl this year, the question many fans will ask is will Ocho be done? When he is done (and presumably still ringless) does anyone think he would want to retire as a Bengal? And secondly, would he receive your applause if he did? Many blame Chad for mentally checking out during his last two seasons in Cincinnati. But others will fondly remember Chad stealing the show as our flamboyant player mascot. Whether Chad was performing CPR on a football, proposing to cheerleaders, or riverdancing he made every touchdown incredibly fun to watch. Memories come to mind of Chad inviting his twitter followers out to dinner or a movie. One memory that personally sticks out for me is during the 2009 season.

The Bengals were 1000 seats short of a sellout at PBS before a game with the Houston Texans. Who shows up to do it for the fans? You guessed it. Chad teamed up with his sponsors at Motorola and bought the remaining tickets just to GIVE them away. My best friend and I camped out all night but in the morning he came through on his promise. Chad was there giving out high fives and thanks as he gave away tickets to the fans. That’s the Chad I will always remember. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that Chad will ever get the ring he seemed to want so badly early in his career.

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