The Final 2 Rounds of the Stripe Hype Fantasy Football Mock Draft

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Jan 7, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Cincinnati Bengals quarterback

Round 10
Pick Team Player Position Ranking
1 L Brent Celek, PHI TE12
2 K Laurent Robinson, JAC WR43
3 J Bernard Scott, CIN RB39
4 I Antonio Brown, PIT WR44
5 H Brandon Jacobs, SF RB40
6 G Randy Moss, SF WR45
7 F Felix Jones, DAL RB41
8 E Andre Caldwell, DEN WR46
9 D Le’Ron McClain, SD RB42
10 C Andy Dalton, CIN QB18*
11 B Mark Sanchez, NYJ QB19
12 A Reuben Randle, NYG WR47

Initial Response: Even in the 10th and final round of this mock draft, there is still talent on the board and guys that you can use on your roster on a week-to-week basis in case of injuries, or matchups you feel might be exploited a certain week of the season. None of these guys at RB will be consistent starters on your team without an injury. The WR’s drafted in this round will probably be nothing more than guys that have one or two big games that hopefully you have them in your starting lineup when it’s their time to shine. Antonio Brown and Andre Caldwell are potential sleepers that could end up being starters on your team but they would have to have monster seasons to break out from the rest of the pack. But also remember that depth is important to your team, not only in case of injuries but also as second options during your starters bye weeks. It’s important to have guys like Robinson, Le’Ron McClain, and even Randy Moss for the weeks you don’t have a better option because of a bye week.

Sleeper Pick(s): Experts might hammer me for making Andy Dalton a sleeper pick in this draft but I can’t help it. The potential for Dalton to be a top 10 QB in your fantasy leagues is too much to be ignored for him not to be considered a steal as your backup QB and potentially your starter later on in the season. Throwing for 20 TD’s and almost 3,500 yards isn’t too bad for a rookie QB inheriting an offense that was considered scraps to many even after the arrival of Dalton and A.J. Green with the Bengals first two picks in the 2011 draft. His 58% completion percentage should increase after a full season in the West Coast offense and now having a full offseason to prepare for this upcoming season. Not to mention the emergence of new weapons at WR (Tate, Sanu), TE (Charles), and what should be an improved running game led by BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Andy Dalton should benefit the most from an improved offense that suffered last year from unfamiliarity with a new system, and a lack of weapons at his disposal. There’s no guarantee with this pick as far as fantasy production goes, but he maybe the most consistent backup drafted in your league who could even make an impact in the playoffs if your starting QB suffers a late-season injury.

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