Stripe Hype Fantasy Update: Kicker, Defense/Special Teams Rankings

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Final Mock Draft Team Rankings (Initial Starting Pick):
1st place- Team A
2nd – Team K
3rd – Team H
4th – Team C
5th – Team B
6th – Team I
7th – Team G
8th – Team D
9th – Team E
10th – Team J
11th – Team F
12th – Team L

Conclusion: I’m going to start out with a brief rant about snake drafts. I believe in an equally competitive league, assuming the guy who runs Team A knows just as much as the girl who runs Team L, your team is only going to be as good as your first round draft pick. Now I’m specifically talking pre-season rankings, I know after the season it is easy to look back and see how injuries affected a certain fantasy team’s playoff run, but right after your draft there is no reason the team that picks 1st shouldn’t have the best team on paper. 3 out of the top 5 teams had the first 3 picks in this mock draft and the teams that selected during the second half of the first round finished towards the bottom of the pre-season rankings. As I said, just because you have the 1st pick in your draft doesn’t guarantee you a championship, but it should guarantee (providing you use my ranking system and use your picks wisely) that you draft the best team.

The only way that teams that pick during the second half of the first round make their way up the overall pre-season rankings board is to capitalize on the mistakes made by the teams drafting ahead of them. Team D lost a few steps when they drafted 3 RB’s in a row. Team E’s stock dropped because they weren’t couldn’t get a RB until the 5th round, when there wasn’t any talent left, indicating to me that the phase of drafting a QB-TE (WR) combo in the first 2 rounds of your fantasy draft won’t last very long. There’s just not enough depth of talent at either of those positions, although the strategy does offer an interesting alternative for those that are drafting in the back half of the first round of your draft. Teams K and H made a jump in the rankings by staying conservative and drafting 1 WR, 2 RB, and 1 QB in the first 4 rounds and I think this is the best draft strategy you can have in the first half of your draft. It is much easier to find production in the second half of your drafts looking for the next Jordy Nelson than it is looking for starting RB’s to be the next LeSean McCoy. Bottom line is get your RB’s and QB’s drafted early on.

Finally, I want to reiterate that your draft pick in a snake draft does not guarantee where you’ll end up at the end of the season. The fact is not all fantasy players were created equal and mistakes will be made aplenty during your fantasy drafts this year. The key for players picking early on is to minimize mistakes because they will cost you and for players picking later on in the first round, pay attention and make sure to take advantage of the mistakes made by the players drafting in front of you because that is what will make the difference for your team.

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