Ray Rice vs. The Cincinnati Bengals

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Touches: 11

Yards: 41 (3.7 avg)

Long: 10

Touchdowns :0

Final Score: 31-3

Notes: This one was not nearly as close as the first game in September. Though Rice did not score a touchdown of his own (in fact he did not score a single one in the 2008 season), his teammates did. Cincinnati was just trying to get to the off season by this time, and Baltimore was rolling to the playoffs (they would eventually lose in the first round to the Pittsburgh Steelers).


Touches: 14

Yards: 69 (4.9 avg)

Long: 10

Touchdowns: 1 (receiving)

Final Score: 17-14 Cincinnati

Notes: Though Rice scored a touchdown in this game, it was not enough as the Cincinnati Bengals were the juggernauts of the AFC North this year. Close score after close score the Bengals marched to the playoffs.



Yards: 48  (4 avg)


Touchdowns: 1

Final Score: 17-7 Cincinnati

Notes: Rice  scored a touchdown in this game, but it was not enough as Cincinnati swept Baltimore in 2009.


Jan 1, 2012; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice (27) runs against the Cincinnati Bengals during the second at Paul Brown Stadium. The Ravens won 24-16. Mandatory Credit: David Kohl-US PRESSWIRE


Touches: 21

Yards:43  (2 avg)

Long: 7

Touchdowns: 0

Final Score: 15-10 Cincinnati

Notes: The Bengals defense was on top of the running game all day. they limited Rice in everything that he did and limited the entire to just over 100 yards in the entire day.


Touches: 20

Yards: 77 (3.9 avg)

Long: 11

Touchdowns: 1

Final Score: 13-7 Baltimore

Notes: Finally getting on the winning side of the score board, it was not as close as the scoreboard indicates. Baltimore stopped the Bengals offense all day long. Cincinnati did not score their first touchdown until the fourth quarter.


Touches: 20

Yards: 104 ( 5.2 avg)

Long: 59

Touchdowns: 2

Final Score: 31-24

Notes: Though he had been average against the Bengals in previous years, he turned it on in 2011. The Bengals almost came back, but was stopped inside the ten yard line.


Touches: 24

Yards: 191 (8 avg)

Long: 70

Touchdowns: 2

Final Score: 24-16

Notes: Cincinnati needed a win to ensure their playoff birth but was unable to get it done. Despite this, they made the playoffs and lost in the first round.

Ray Rice has score seven touchdowns against the Bengals. He is a great player and was one of the few who solved the puzzle that was the Bengals defense last year. The signing keeps one of the best players in the AFC North here for a long time. Players like these prepare teams for playoff games also, so though it is rough playing him two times a year, it could help in the long run if Cincinnati lives up to their potential.

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