Top Ten Worst Monday Night Football Bengal Moments

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Nov 8, 2010; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals quarterback


#3. 11-8-2010 – Pittsburgh 27 Cincinnati 21 – The 2010 season was one of the biggest letdown seasons in Bengal history, which led to the dismantling of the franchise. The Bengals were down 27-7 before storming back only to be let down by a Shipley drop in the red-zone.

#2. 10-19-92 – Pittsburgh 20 Cincinnati 0 – This game was a disaster from beginning to end. The main lowlight was Gary Reasons tugging Shula’s hat and then Shula turned and walked away. It really showed that Shula had ZERO respect in the locker room.

#1. 10-10-1983 – Pittsburgh 24 Cincinnati 14 – The great Ken Anderson almost got killed on this night when Keith Gary performed the worst facemask in NFL history. Not sure if Keith was inspired by The Exorcist, but he almost spun Ken’s head completely around.

Don’t get to angry when you read this, because after all. Those who don’t remember the past are condemned to repeat it.


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