Next Up, Atlanta Falcons!

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The Bengals are heading south to my neck of the Woods for their Thursday night Preseason game against the Atlanta Falcons.
After the Bengals had a good showing Friday, beating a solid New York Jets team, they will look to clean some things up and have another good game, although hopefully this time our warriors won’t drop like flies in the first series.
Because I live in Alabama, I receive a lot Falcons news, so I know what they’re preseason questions are and what problems they are trying to fix.
How to attack the Falcons: From what I’ve heard, their biggest question is Nickel Corner, so this could be a nice game for the slot receivers. Jordan Shipley can perhaps make a splash and show that he still belongs on this team, but for now, Andrew Hawkins is the starter and he seems poised for some big plays.

Andy and the 1st stringers will probably play more than two series, putting more plays into their resume for the season. With the Falcons being middle of the pack Defense-wise, this is a good game for them to get quality snaps.

Another group the Falcons fans are chatting about is the Offensive line, last year they struggled at times, not getting a push or giving up crucial sacks, so this is hopefully another good week for the Bengals pass rush.
Some Atlanta fans are worried about special teams, primarily kick off and punt return teams, so Darrin Simmons has to get his group ready to hopefully make another splash like they did Friday.

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