Week in Review: All Over But The Shouting

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Aug 10, 2012; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals head coach


Only two more games before the start of regular season play, and rosters across the League are beginning to see the fat fall from the bone. Quarterback battles are being adjudicated, waivered free agents are scrambling for injury-succumbed positions, and rookies are either ascending to greatness or feeling the heavy weight of reality tethering them to that Liberal Arts degree. The die-hards who have watched every snap of these two preseason games and further scoured the interwebs for the most diminutive piece of training camp information have seemingly the final 53 cut and dry, but for those of us in greater Bengaldom the battles certain battles could still be far from over.

Injuries to key starters and rotational players are going to give coaches a difficult time deciding who is worth sucking up a spot if the there is a chance that the player may not contribute to the squad consistently. Net production of course will be figured; can player X do more in 16 games that an injured player Y that only gets in for 10. Regardless, the next two games will be highly significant for Cincinnati, with Head Coach Marvin Lewis already indicating that the starters will be played less half the game on Thursday against the Green Bay Packers, inferring that rookies and other hopefuls still have something to play for. However, in order to speculate who may get the final nod, a look at the rosterology from the perspective of who’s likely already in could be worth while.

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