Madden NFL 13 Review: R.I.P. Franchise Mode, A New ERA of Madden is Born.

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Feb 3, 2011; Dallas, TX, USA; NFL former player Anthony Munoz (left) and former head coach John Madden during the Madden most valuable protectors award press conference at the Sheraton in downtown Dallas. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE


I’ll go ahead and start by stating the obvious. The new EA sports Madden NFL 13 is not perfect. And saying it’s not perfect is to say that it is not the Madden that you and I grew up with. At this point gone are the days of franchise mode and it has been replaced with the new Connected Careers and Ultimate Team game modes, which are pretty damn addicting in their own right.

Now I’m going to get philosophical for a minute, and just a minute before I talk about the gameplay. Connected Careers and Ultimate Team were designed to bring together a Madden community, something that the regular Franchise mode was unable to accomplish. Developers at EA Sports realized that replay value is the key to sales and a dominant sports game. The fact of the matter is most of us who played Franchise mode in the past would start one, never fully finish the 25 years it allowed us and eventually gave up on the game after Christmas.

This year I don’t think that will be the case. Connected Careers allows for an almost unlimited number of franchise modes that never end. The catch is you are no longer the dictator owner, but you are now a coach or player on the team and have to live up to Season and Weekly goals. Now at this point it may seem more like a job than a video game, I think that was the point. You can’t quit your job. You can’t stop showing up to your job. You can get fired from your job but you can’t quit. You can stop playing a video game whenever you want. Not only does Connected Careers have almost infinite replay value but you can already play online with other Madden fantatics. So now not only do you have a career but you have also created competition among others and that is the ultimate equation for replay of a video game, see Call of Duty.

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  • Ray D

    Some of us played the franchise mode because we really weren’t looking for a job or a community.

  • User13

    Franchise mode is a complete disappointed this year.
    Connected Careers in Madden 13 has essentially killed offline franchise play. The following features have been removed: multiplayer (that’s right no more having friends over to play), fantasy draft, create-a-player, importing NCAA rosters for the draft, and editing player attributes/position/names have all been removed from this year’s version of franchise mode.
    If you are as frustrated as I am, make your voice heard and please call EA Sports (1-866-543-5435) and say you will return the game if you don’t see an update within the next 30 days. If enough people do this, they WILL fix it.

    • brwnsfnbpcl

      I am honestly contemplating not purchasing it all without that feature.

    • Theantihero

      Jus called, ur right, if we don’t call they wont do anything to implement it.

  • Theantihero

    I was still playing Madden 11 so if you’re giving up on Madden after christmas you were a poser. No Franchise mode is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen a video game do. Worst then M.O.P in 12 months I lose WoW & Madden due to stupid developer decisions FML

  • foshow38

    When I found out there was no Franchise mode I was pissed. It was the main reason why I play madden. Even if I didn’t play the full 25yrs(who does?) I didn’t kill the replay value. You can still play online or offline when friends are over. I hated superstar mode from last year because I don’t like playing as an individual player, which is my major issue with connected career. I wish I waited to play it first via redbox before pre-ordering it I would’ve save $60 bucks. But with that said the game play is pretty good..

  • Edward P

    im done with madden. I have been buying madden every single year of my life since i am a little kid. Now i feel like a little kid who just got ripped off and cant do anything about it. Im the type of person who never plays online and just enjoys the franchise mode. the madden people have really dropped the ball this year. but like usual the people who spend there hard money to buy the game cant do anything about it and the creators make millions off of us. Typical in this world!!

    • Matt

      Wow, bitter much? How about you pull yourself up by the boot straps and stop whining about the rich man oppressing you, spoiled princess.

  • Nate

    I want a review of a video game, not a business strategy. This review is almost as bad as the game itself.

  • Karl

    What should they be more concerned with, replayability or losing customers. I have gotten a new game every year since it game out. Without the ability to play, and control, an entire season I will never buy another. Fantasy draft was awesome too.

  • seanB

    This ad is brought to you by ea sports. The game is worthless to me without franchise mode. The people who play franchise mode….are the ones stimulating the economy and buying the game. Stupid move after all these years I am done. No franchise drafting with friends, managing it “my way”. Good thing for craigs list.

  • George McDowell

    Your review reads as if it were written by EA themselves as a press
    release. The truth of the matter is that this game is rated 2 stars out
    of 5 at Amazon because EA ripped out the features that were most
    important to its core audience:

    1. No Fantasy Draft

    2. No Editing Players

    3. No more having friends over to play Franchise Mode because you can only play with one team.

    4. No Importing Roster from NCAA Football.

    5. No creating a player and adding them to Connect Careers.

  • Bryan

    Waste of $64 without franchise mode. I gave this game an hour of my time before it hit ebay…thanks alot EA for the piece of crap you put out this year. I’m never buying Madden again.

  • Gordon Jacobsen

    I love the franchise mode of games past and I’m highly disappointed. I’m not a Madden “stick jockey” who likes to be the QB…I’m terrible at picking the receivers during games and make no bones about it. I liked to play games with “coach” mode to let the QB do his job.

    However, with Madden 13 if you want to play as a coach you are now REQUIRED to play practices in order to progress in step with other teams and you have no option for you to do to anything other than play as the QB and select the receivers on every play. In other words, you can’t be a good “coach” without being VERY good on the sticks. In fact, ALL games in career mode have no option other than to force you to make all QB throwing decisions. Only the non-career mode games allow you to play in coach mode. In Madden 13 your coaching career is significantly stunted unless you play as the QB picking the receivers on every down, play all games each season, and play practices between all games.

    The Connected Careers Coach mode is not much more than enforced Madden boot camp…I’ve already found this mode laborious at best and I could not get out of pre-season before my interest lagged. This game comes across as the developer Stick Jockeys forcing non-stick jockeys to train to become Stick Jockeys. If you are like me and don’t want to have to control the QB on every down, stay with Madden 12. This game’s connected careers coach mode is for Stick Jockeys only.

  • azcat

    I was going to buy this but all I play is franchise mode. It sounds stupid without franchise mode. I was disappointed in the change in scouting in Madden 12 and now they add this crap. I’ll just stick to Madden 11.

  • Dabears

    It has franchise mode. The tricksters just changed the name of it. It’s called coach mode. The description is deceiving cause it makes you think it will be about stats and coaching the team. However it’s franchise
    Mode. I bough it last nigh and got home to play when I found out there was no franchise I was pissed was gonna try to get my money back then just went through all the modes. Enjoy!