Is it Too Early for Bengals to Worry?

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September 10, 2012; Baltimore, MD, USA; Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis prior to their game against the Baltimore Ravens at M


I do realize that we are only one week into the season, but after what the whole nation saw on Monday Night, coupled with yesterday’s announcement that the team has lost starting OLB Thomas Howard for the year, it is not a stretch to believe that the Bengals could be in for a long season if the do not change their ways.

To start off, the first and most blatant issue that was shown, was the complete and total lack of coverage from the secondary and linebackers. Actually I take that back, there was coverage, but the spacing between the receivers and defenders resembled one of which that Clavin Johnson had in his High School days. I may be blowing this out of proportion, but since I have been watching (2002) this is easily the worst secondary I have even watched.

If they do not improve, it will be the worst secondary in the NFL this season. This might be the worst secondary the Bengals have ever had besides the decade that hell froze over (1990’s). The names of Jonathan Joseph, Torry James, and Delta O’Neal take us all the way back to that 2002 era from when Marvin Lewis first started coaching. Now before that in the 1990’s, everyone on in the franchise was a disappointment. Now when we go back to the 1980’s, the bengals had the “Swat Team” in Solomen Wilcots, the late Lewis Billups, David Fulcher, and Eric Thomas.

Now remember, I am basing this all off one game. if the Bengals decide to turn things around in this week’s game against Cleveland, than maybe we shouldn’t worry; however, if we get torched by Brandon Weeden, who had a passer rating of 5.1 in his last start against the “Dream Team,” then we should probably go back to worrying.

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