The Little Guys

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4.  Adam “Don’t Call Me Pac-Man” Jones, CB (5’10);

Can enough be said about this man’s ability to return a punt? I don’t think you can even begin to talk about his ‘big-time’ play making ability. He has a punt returned for a touchdown this season. He returned one 50+ yards last season against the Seahawks, he is far from done this season. I am going to jinx the Bengals saying this, but he has not been into nearly as much trouble as he has been in years past. And with the injuries in the secondary look to see a lot more of him. If he stays healthy, he is a huge threat on defense and on special teams.

5. Andrew “Baby Hawk” Hawkins, WR (5’7);

Standing at 5’7″, 180lbs, Andrew Hawkins is one of the newest playmakers in the NFL, regardless of his stature. Through the first 3 games this season he has racked up 12 receptions for 208 yards and 2 touchdowns. Both of those touchdowns have been for over 50 yards as well. Hawkins is arguably the second fastest player in the division next to Mike Wallace, and has some of the best hands on the team. When this man gets into space he can do great things. In week one against Baltimore he had 8 catches for 86. Most of those yards came when running with the ball after the catch on bubble screens. He is an open field nightmare, and opens up the field for A.J. Green and Armon Binns.

Both and Jones and Hawkins have played key roles in both wins this season. Hawkins had a 50+ yard catch and run touchdown against Cleveland, as well as Jones having a punt return for a touchdown. They amounted for 14 points in that game. Hawkins also had a 60 yard catch when he split the safeties on a hitch route against Washington last week for a game clinching touchdown.

Look for all five of these players to have a huge impact on this team throughout the season. Not only has the youth movement begun in Cincinnati, but so has the Little Guy Movement.


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