Bengals Film Study: Dolphins Gameplan Effectively, Still Barely Win

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The Bengals lost a squeaker of a game to a Dolphins team on the upswing, and, although things may have looked ugly at times, there is no reason to panic.

As we discussed last week, Miami entered the game as the top-ranked rushing defense, allowing only 2.4 YPA. Despite their weakened secondary, a pass rush led by Cameron Wake makes their secondary look better than it really is.

It should be no surprise that BenJarvus Green-Ellis only averaged 1.6 YPA against the Dolphins. What was illuminating about the running game was how during his brief time on the field, Bernard Scott displayed how an explosive runner can help out his offensive line.

Scott ran for 40 yards at 8 YPA, and his explosiveness allowed him to patiently allow a hole to develop, and even if it was not his intended gap his burst allowed him to adjust sufficiently.

The Bengals fake the Jet sweep to Andrew Hawkins and Bernard Scott explodes for a 29 yard gain.

In the play above, Andrew Hawkins goes in motion in what appears to be the Jet sweep that the Bengals ran with great success last week. With the play set-up, Scott was aligned deep in the backfield. Jumbo tight end Dennis Roland blocked down and Scott waited for Andre Smith to pull around Roland then shot through the crease.

These are the types of plays that Green-Ellis is simply not equipped to make. With Jeff Faine often being pushed into the backfield throughout the game, Bengals running backs are not afforded the luxury of knowing where a hole might appear. And, when facing the top-ranked run defense, the holes are going to appear in unexpected places.

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