Marvin Has to Evolve

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Sept 23, 2012; Landover,MD, USA; Cincinnati Redskins head coach Marvin Lewis watches on from the sidelines against the Washington Redskins during the second quarter at FedEx Field. Mandatory Credit: Paul Frederiksen-US PRESSWIRE


Watching my dog get put to sleep when I was 12 years old was sad. Watching the loss to Miami yesterday made that feel like a fond childhood memory. These types of losses are a common occurrence with Marvin Lewis. I think I know what may fix it.

I don’t want Marvin Lewis fired. This isn’t about that. This is about the EVOLUTION of the head coach. With any job you learn, change and adapt as your career moves along. He has been around long enough to learn from past mistakes. The loss to Ryan Tannehill drops the Bengals record vs. rookie quarterbacks to 11-10, the current coach to be measured against is Bill Belichick is 11-3.

They seem to get very conservative when going against a rookie. Mix it up. Rush 1 drop 10 or vice versa. Give Zimmer free range to come up with the wackiest defense ever. Why not have the Grits-Blitz, combine with the 46, mixed with the Tampa-2, sprinkled with some Doomsday along with a little Steel Curtain? If you just play your base defense, I guess that would work out to be successful about half of the time which validates the record. I’m sure if I brought these suggestions to Mike Zimmer he’d punch me in my mouth, and he has that right but he needs to direct that anger at his defense.


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