Breaking down the Bengals Current NFL Draft Needs

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With the 2012 NFL season underway, one can already see some holes inside of teams. It is a bit early in the season, but it’s never too early to look toward draft needs and even draft prospects. While the Bengals have a winning record, there are some obvious needs that the draft could help improve the Bengals. So right now, here is a look into the possible draft needs for the Bengals on the offensive side of the ball. Obviously these are just outlooks on the draft as of right now and who’s performing and who’s not. So things are bound to change throughout the year, such as how big of a need one position is and such. Soon, I will be doing a story on the defensive side draft needs, along with a quick 3 round mock draft during the Bengals BYE week.


QB: The quarterback position is pretty much solid. Andy Dalton is the franchise QB, and Bruce Gradkowski is a very nice back up option. This is not a need at all, but also don’t be surprised if the Bengals take a QB later in the draft, although it will be highly unlikely. Dalton is their guy, and Gradkowski can still make some throws.

Verdict: Not a draft need.

Potential Players: Tino Sunseri, Jordan Rodgers


September 22, 2012; Columbia, SC, USA; South Carolina Gamecocks running back Marcus Lattimore (21) makes a long gain on a reception against the Missouri Tigers in the second half at Williams-Brice Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Blake-US PRESSWIRE

RB: I am honestly a little disappointed in BenJarvus Green-Ellis and thought he would do very well in Cincinnati. Since his first ever NFL fumble, he just has not been the same. Sadly enough, the Lawfirm’s time in Cincinnati may be cut short if he continues to play like he has the past few weeks. The Bengals need a RB to help out the passing game. We all saw what happens when to the passing game when the run gets shut down (look at the Miami game). If the Bengals get an extremely talented RB like Trent Richardson is for the Browns, the Bengals could have one of the best, young offenses in the NFL.

Verdict: Big draft need. First two days need.

Potential Players: Marcus Lattimore, Le’Veon Bell, Stephan Taylor


FB: Chris Pressley has looked well last season and also pretty good this season. We actually got to see him spread out and actually get his first NFL TD. However, with the running game lacking, some may coaches may keep an eye on some fullbacks in this draft coming up. Although it is unlikely that they will draft a FB with how Pressley is playing.

Verdict: Not a draft need.

Potential Players: Trey Millard, Zach Boren

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