Week in Review: Looking For a Few Good Fans

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Wanted: A few good good fans looking for a team to root for. Do you like to watch a young team, loaded with potential, working to improve each and every week? Do you like a team that consistently flies under the radar, that often starts a season with low expectations in the media, giving them an underdog feel? Do you like the color orange? If the answer to these questions is an affirmative, then the Cincinnati Bengals could be the team you’ve been looking for.

The National Football League’s Bengals team is currently accepting new fans, looking to jump aboard the shrinking ever-evolving bandwagon. This team has plenty of room for an expansion among its fanbase and will happily take any new applicant’s money  loyalty. Please read the following information, which will enable you to make an informed, confident decision.


  • A large body of people who will know exactly how you feel, giving you a multitude of other fans you can commiserate socialize with.
  • There is almost always plenty of seating available for games, some of which have terrific views of the entire field, making the game-day experience one to remember unfortunately.
  • The Bengals have consistency at the head of the organization. The team has been led by the Brown family since its beginning, and Head Coach Marvin Lewis has been with the team since 2003. The leadership provided by Lewis and Mike Brown has ruined steadied the franchise.
  • The Bengals have barely made the playoffs in two of the past three seasons and have  no freaking chance to make it again this year.
  • There are some great rivalries within the Bengals’ division, the AFC North. The Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens provide fantastic beatdowns matchups twice apiece per season.
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