A Major Setback in a Minor Operation

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Oct 16, 2011; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals fans react during the second half against the Indianapolis Colts at Paul Brown Stadium. The Bengals defeated the Colts 27-17. Mandatory Credit: Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

The result was an enthusiastic and energized fan base, eagerly ready to move on to the next chapter. But winning through a plucky season against teams that did not make the play-offs is only enough to get the fan-base interested; you’ve got to give them more if they are going to pay for it.  Unfortunately, Bengaldom ceased to run off ‘hope’ somewhere in the mid-2010 season.  With the Bengals now at the Bye Week,Cincinnati asserts an 0-10 record against Pittsburgh and Baltimore since sweeping the AFC North in the 2009 season whilst their current record in the AFC North is already delving a dismal 1-3.

The Queen City football pulse beats 160/80 and bleeds raw fury and galvanized frustration at this point.  Bengaldom is not a Detroit or Chicago base where fans will stay loyal because of metropolitan pride or storied history.  This is Cincinnati; we know our contemptible nepotistic ownership, their bare-bones motives and their thieving efforts towards Hamilton County all too well to provide them the benefit of the doubt.  Though the blood lust in the cheap seats may be subdued if the Bengals finish 8-8 or better, but that’s highly unlikely looking at the remaining strength of schedule.

Allowed to boil over into the off-season, trending losses and a lopsided record would result in a systemic kick in the financial junk to ownership as black outs to home games are likely to be forthcoming and renewed boycotts are already starting to be seen in the wake of Sunday night.  In the end, the only two games that should matter to Cincinnati are Pittsburgh at Three River Stadium and the season closer at home against Baltimore.  If the Bengals fail to secure a win from either of those two games, then even the most biased and dyed-in-the-stripes fan will have to admit that nothing has really changed in Paul Brown Stadium.


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