Elephant in the Room

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Nov 11, 2012; Cincinnati, OH, USA; General view of Paul Brown Stadium during the playing of the national anthem prior to the game against the New York Giants. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-US PRESSWIRE


Now let’s compare this to the scene at Paul Brown Stadium. Cincinnati has an exciting young exciting team, and last week the Bengals were playing the defending Super Bowl champs. Can they sell out PBS? Nope.

The same thing nearly happened four weeks ago against Pittsburgh. Cincinnati was taking on one of its oldest rivals, in prime time, in a matchup of huge divisional importance, playing a team that brings along a contingent of THOUSANDS OF ITS OWN FANS, and it took a late push at the last minute to even fill up the stadium.

Oh, and one more thing to consider when comparing the situations in Cincinnati and Kansas City: Arrowhead seats over 10,000 more people than Paul Brown Stadium.

But I’m not blaming Bengal fans. On the contrary, maybe they’re smart for staying away. Cincinnati fans have had to put up with miserly and incompetent ownership for over two decades—why should they be expected to show up? It has to be a two way street between an organization and its fans. Ownership needs to put forth a good faith effort to win, and fans will support the team. I don’t think Bengal fans feel Brown puts forth that effort.

Mike Brown may be like a crazy ex for me (yeah I know that sounds a little creepy, I think this analogy has gotten out of hand). But he’s got me. I’ll keep coming back no matter the circumstances, no matter how bad he treats us fans. Not everyone is like that however. And Brown unfortunately may be discovering that some fans are seeing new people, and have found that they don’t need the Bengals so much after all.


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