Bengals Film Study: Chiefs Don't Have the Firepower to Outgun Cincy's Secondary

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Although the Chiefs have been beyond terrible this season, they do have pieces in their offense that should give the Bengals a little bit of worry. It is nothing compared to some of the Manning-led offenses that they have seen of late, but still. A trap game, even for a team like the Bengals who should have no kind of confidence that leads to a trap game, must still be cautious of a team playing with house money.

The Chiefs do have a back in Jamaal Charles who is one of the most dynamic threats in the league. If the Bengals were worried about Reggie Bush, then Charles should be downright terrifying. His cutback ability on the zone run is outstanding. Penetration on the defensive line is imperative.

Even against the Raiders, who were not able to do much against the Chiefs above-average, although not elite, offensive line, was minimal. But if Geno Atkins and gang manage to spill the run outside to the linebackers, Vontaze Burfict could be in for another huge game.

Phillip Wheeler shoots the gap before Jamaal Charles can hit the cutback lane

In this run, the Raiders’ defensive line did not get a significant amount of penetration, but their tackle was able to absorb a double team block. Their linebacker flew downhill to stop Charles before he could take advantage of the cutback lane to his left.

The  Bengals have to stop Charles before he starts. If he is allowed the opportunity to allow lanes to develop, then it could be giant game for the heroic running back who is forced to run with little to no help. It is imperative that the Bengals are decisive and disciplined in their run fits.

The Chiefs fake to Charles then go straight back to him on the pass

In this play, the Chiefs fake the run to Charles. Kansas City’s wide receivers are not gaining separation, and neither of the Chiefs quarterbacks are patient in letting routes develop by any means. As Charles scrapes out to the flat, he is targeted from the get-go.

Outside linebackers Burfict and Emmanuel Lamur must keep track of Charles at all times. Luckily Lamur is outstanding in coverage and Burfict can provide open field tackles as well as anyone in the business. Because if anyone were to lose track of Charles in a play like this, it could open the flood gates for a huge chunk of yardage.

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