Bengals Film Study: Chiefs Don't Have the Firepower to Outgun Cincy's Secondary

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Brady Quinn’s errant pass is intercepted due to the safety reading his eyes and disregarding his overmatched wide receiver

This play demonstrates the coverage opportunities that a team like the Bengals, who overmatch the Chiefs’ wide receivers, will have. With the slot receiver beating the linebacker down the slot, it should be an easy completion for Quinn.

What the free safety has going for him is the ability of the cornerback on the backside of the play to keep coverage without any help over the top. His receiver has no threat of creating separation, which allows the safety to play the ball more so than the route.

When Quinn overthrows the ball, the safety has read Quinn’s eyes all the way. It is an easy interception against a quarterback who has never learned to look off a safety on a seam route. The Cover 2 shell lends itself to playing the safety against two routes, and Quinn makes the correct read, but without proper eye discipline the backside safety can swoop in and make the play.

The Bengals defense must focus on Charles, assuming that the Chiefs do not underutilize him like they have a habit of doing. No matter which quarterback is playing, the Bengals’ pass rush will force him into bad decisions. And even though ball-hawking is not the Bengals’ strong point, their tight coverage will force some negative plays in what should be a no-brainer win.

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