Looking for Carlos Dunlap & Domata Peko to Catch Fire

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We all know that Geno Atkins is the man with the plan on the D-Line; however, I believe that we should start looking for the left side of the line to start taking off in the sack department.

In a recent interview with Domata Peko, he stated that some of the reason why Atkins is having so much success is because he takes on the double teams on the D-Line. So that means there are three defenders to Carlos Dunlap and Peko on the left side. This causes a little congestion for Dunlap to try to swim back into the inside, or bull-rush the end.

This means that with the recent success and domination of Atkins, the opposing offensive lines might start shifting doubles on to Atkins. This may give Michael Johnson on the right side the same congestion that Dunlap has experienced, but then in end result leave the left side with Peko and Dunlap free to reek havik on the front side of the opposing quarterbacks.

So unless teams do not start game planning more against Atkins, which you can almost guarantee that they will be, you should look for Carlos Dunalp and Domata Peko to start controlling the left side of the defensive line.

Ranking third in the NFL this season with 31.0 sacks a game, this defensive line, if controlled right by Mike Zimmer, could become a very strong force to be recond with in the NFL, if not one of the most dangerous Bengals D-lines in recent memory.

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