Stripe Hype Roundtable: Carson Palmer's Legacy

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Dec 12, 2010; Pittsburgh , PA, USA; Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer (9) throws a pass against the Pittsburgh Steelers during the second half of the game at Heinz Field. The Steelers won the game, 23-7. Mandatory Credit: Jason Bridge-US PRESSWIRE


As the Bengals welcome Carson Palmer back to Cincinnati for the first time since the once perceived savior of a maligned Bengals franchise demanded a trade last year, even going as far as to either play for any other NFL franchise, or retire, we asked our staff one simple question:

How do you view Carson Palmer now after forcing his way out of Cincinnati?

Trevor Long

Carson Palmer situation: At the end of 2010, I was with everyone else in Bengals-nation. I liked Carson Palmer to an extent but was worried every time he dropped back in the pocket, thinking it was going to be an interception or some kind of bad play; (somewhat similar to the feeling I had when Andy Dalton dropped back from weeks 4-8 this season). So when he held out on the Bengals, it was the last straw, I felt like he betrayed us, as fans. I felt like he was a punk, but then, we saw how good Andy Dalton was, and how well our team was playing. And then to top it off we traded him and received a top cornerback in the draft, Dre Kirkpatrick, and a high pick in this upcoming draft. Everyone knows the story, and mine is like many other people, I was tired him, we got rid of him, and got two high picks because of it. So I still respect Palmer and hope he does well, obviously not this week, but I mean who knows how good he’d be if Kimo and the freaking Steelers didn’t destroy his knee. I’ve said that phrase hundreds of times, I hate the Steelers.


Alex Peterman

In the wake of Cincinnati’s impending match-up against their former quarterback, fans naturally have old feeling coming back. To tell the truth, I can’t necessarily describe my feeling towards either extreme. I remain grateful for the great games he gave to us, even through the up-and-down years. I also respect him as a person, and the main reason he forced his way out two years ago was because of huge media problems surrounding a team falling apart of his teammates’ public mistakes (for lack of a better term). That being said, I like Andy Dalton and our young team a heck of a lot more. So no matter my feelings about Palmer, he better be ready for the new team at PBS, because I’m looking for the Red Rifle to pick apart the veteran. And while I’m not publicly stating that would make my day, I would be far from upset if he did.


Jerod Livengood

I’ll always appreciate what Carson Palmer did for the Bengal franchise. It’s easy to forget now just how bleak things were before he arrived in 2003, and he led the Bengals to a couple of playoff appearances while battling through two serious injuries. Was his exit strategy smooth? Uh no, not exactly. But I can’t fault the guy for wanting to get away from Mike Brown’s (mis)management. I hope he plays well Sunday, in a narrow Raider loss.

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