Top Five Whining & Crying Raider Complaints from Week 12

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So because I am a blogger, I like to go around and read other blog sites. I love to see what other people are saying about whatever the top of the day may be.

On a site I frequently read, for which I am not going to give credit to, these are the top five Raider fan complaints. The topic of the complaints consist of, the Brawl, the “Phantom Clipping” and the Whistle. Know that I cannot edit the language because they are only screen shots; however, there are no profane terms used. So without further adieu, here are my top five complaints I found in the Raider fan comments.

For some fan trying to convince me, he does a poor job. You cannot convince me that Lamarr Houston did not hear the whistle. Then you give no evidence of Andrew Whitworth starting a wrong doing. By the way, since we are ripping on fans, way to spell your own player’s name (Lamarr Houston) not Lamaar, wrong.


This is a classic case, “My team did not preform well, and since I don’t want to admit it, I am going to blame the officials”. Yes I will admit that there were some questionable calls. The whistle that was blown, was definitely a gift; however, if your defensive line would have stopped BenJarvus Green-Ellis, then maybe you would have not given up 24 in the first half. Or was the the officials missing holding calls? And another point as for all of us, “White Trash Bengals Fans” being outraged at the Raiders… are you insane? We could care less about Oakland. We were there for one reason and one reason only. To give Carson Palmer the worst, ‘homecoming” of his career.


This might be one of the worst comebacks I have experienced.  If the Bengals actually had 8 losses, like uhm I don’t know, the Raiders, then I might agree. Now let us look at the remaining schedule. San Diego gave Baltimore a bang for their buck, but they struggle. Dallas is in the same situation. Philadelphia, next to KC is the turnover king of the NFL. The Steelers are in a tailspin, and the Raven are struggling to win games. Thank goodness they gave Ray Rice a compensation yard for his lack of height or they would have lost that game.

You do have a point saying that tree Bengals came off the bench for the “brawl”, but I was at the game and yes bengals did come off the bench; however, there were more than eleven Raiders on the field, too. Last I checked, eleven men are on the field to start out with. Then my last point, way to blame the refs for an entire game of play.

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