New Era

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This is a guest piece by Chase Fitzgerald, a life-long Bengals fan and writer for  and Redlegsreview. Be sure to follow him on his twitter account, @Cfitzwrites



Oct 14, 2012; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton (14) quarter shout out instructions to Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green (18) during the second quarter against the Cleveland Browns at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-US PRESSWIRE

It’s true, watching the Bengals the past couple years has been filled with disappointment and surprise but mostly disappointment. But, that’s completely different now. The last two seasons the Bengals have been fun to watch and have been competing. This is a new era and this one, will go much farther than any Bengal’s team has gone. The main difference is noticeable and you couldn’t miss it last Sunday. Andy Dalton had been taken down way after the whistle and Andrew Whitworth stood up for him.

This showed me that everyone on this Bengal’s team has everyone’s back. They are a team unlike the Palmer-era where there was just a bunch of “me-first” personalities. I’ve never seen any player on this team complain about playing time, not getting the ball enough, or make any excuses. I was very skeptical coming into this season because, the Bengals haven’t had back to back winning seasons in my lifetime and in the first 8 weeks it looked like nothing had changed.

That’s when the new-era Bengals did something I’ve never seen any Bengals team do. Realize that they are better than their record. No one gave up and all 53 of them believed that this team could make the playoffs. They went out and they stomped the Giants and I didn’t see any celebration after the game. I’ve never seen that machurity in such a young team.

They knew that they had done their job and they had a long way to go before they celebrate. If you notice there are no celebrations when someone scores a touchdown. There is the typical slap on the helmet and Green and Pacman’s high five but that’s it. No riverdances, no props, no fines, and no celebration. I love seeing that type of attitude in a football player. Knowing that they have done their job and just ask like professionals.

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