Why Ravens' Loss To Steelers Shakes up the AFC North

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At 9-3, they currently hold a two-game lead over both the Steelers and Bengals in the division. They also hold the tiebreaker within the AFC North against those teams.

However, is it impossible to see the Ravens losing at least two or three games out of their final four games?

For the division, they need two. That would mean the best the Steelers or Bengals could do would be to tie them in record at 11-5 if both win out. That’s theoretically speaking, since Pittsburgh and Cincinnati face off at Heinz Field in the penultimate game of the season.

For both the Steelers and Bengals, it provides some interesting new opportunities. If either of them wins out, and Baltimore continues to falter in its play like the last two games, the division could potentially be up for grabs come the final week..

That means if the Bengals beat the Steelers in week 16, then beat Baltimore in week 17 after two other Baltimore losses, Cincinnati will claim the division crown.

Likewise, if the Steelers win against Cincinnati but the Bengals defeat the Ravens at home, it could open the possibility of a Steelers division title, and either of the others grabbing the wildcard.

Just a week ago, this didn’t seem possible. Most figured the Ravens would win an easy game at home against Pittsburgh, and would be just a small victory away from winning the AFC North.

Now Baltimore’s play against some of the NFL’s elites may decide it’s fate. Because the Steelers or Bengals will certainly be there if they don’t.

And if they aren‘t able to win the games they need to, the last two weeks (Bengals @ Steelers, Ravens @ Bengals) could be quite interesting.

AFC North fans: Let’s have some fun. Roll the dice.


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