The Third Option

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December 2, 2012;Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh (center) and safety Ed Reed (20) look on during the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at M

It’s the third option that is most interesting. Baltimore is currently the only team that hasn’t clinched their division, and that’s worth noting.  Next week the Ravens play a (6-6) Washington Redskins who are catching fire, before facing two division leaders; the (7-5) New York Giants and the (9-3) Denver Broncos.  Should the unthinkable, but not unhopeful, occur then even a loss to the Steelers would still allow for a Bengals’ salvation.  Nothing short of Baltimore losing up and through the final game will keep this unlikelihood an option, making their game this Sunday something to keep an eye on.

However, in an effort to keep Hope from becoming a method, the scrum against the Cowboys is still prime-time focus for greater Bengaldom.

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