Week in Review: Cincinnati Bengals: Adam 'Pacman' Jones Showing His Talent

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I am constantly amazed by the growth Adam Jones has shown in the last year with the Bengals.  He has become a more balanced player. He fields the punt and doesn’t try to reverse the field during every return. His patience has increased, and he has even developed a finesse that confounds me.

His defense has shown the same, amazing improvement. I would consider him to be one of the two best cornerbacks on the Bengals roster, opposite Leon Hall. He is still dynamic, but no longer does he miss open-field tackles. He still hits hard, but no longer is he mistake-prone.

He understands his abilities, and has learned to play to his potential. For that, I have appreciated every play his has been involved in this year. It’s a fantastic thing to see such a change.

And as Cincinnati continues their playoff run, I look forward to his play down the stretch.


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