Projecting the Bengals' Potential Road to the NFL Playoffs

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Yeah I know, Any Given Sunday and all that. But this is what is most LIKELY to happen, and what one would expect probably will happen. Of course, and most importantly, a Steeler win against the Cowboys is no sure thing (Vegas has the Steelers as one point favorites). A Dallas win and the Bengals are in the catbird’s seat if they beat Philadelphia. A Pittsburgh win and it will be really difficult for Cincinnati to squeak in, regardless of whether they can beat the Steelers the following week.

If Pittsburgh had beaten San Diego, Cincinnati would be done. As it is, they have a bit of a reprieve–more than likely just enough of a reprieve to serve to crush Who Dey Nation’s hopes at the end of a season one more time.

(Side note: I’m aware the Jets are still alive for the final Wild Card slot as well. There’s no way those goofs are winning three games with their backs against the wall to finish 9-7—but if they did, they would also hold the tiebreaker advantage over the Bengals).


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