Stripe Hype Staff Picks: No Brotherly Love Tonight in Philly

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Jason Shawn Guttersnake Jerod Sean Trevor
Cincinnati at Philadelphia CIN CIN CIN CIN CIN CIN
NY Giants at Atlanta NYG ATL ATL ATL NYG NYG
Green Bay at Chicago GB GB GB CHI GB CHI
Washington at Cleveland WAS WAS CLE CLV WAS WAS
Minnesota at St. Louis STL STL MIN STL MIN STL
Jacksonville at Miami MIA MIA MIA MIA MIA MIA
TampaBay at New Orleans NO NO TB NO NO NO
Denver at Baltimore DEN DEN DEN BLT DEN DEN
Indianapolis at Houston HST HST HST HST HST HST
Detroit at Arizona DET DET DET DET DET DET
Carolina at San Diego SD SD SD SD SD CAR
Seattle at Buffalo SEA SEA SEA SEA SEA SEA
Pittsburgh at Dallas DAL DAL PIT PIT DAL DAL
Kansas City at Oakland OAK OAK OAK KC OAK OAK
San Francisco at New England NE NE NE NE NE SF
NY Jets at Tennessee NYJ TEN TEN NYJ NYJ NYJ



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