Bengals Film Study: Leon Hall's Technique and INT against the Eagles

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What separates Hall from many other cornerbacks is that he immediately puts his sights on the quarterback. He knows Maclin is going vertical, keeps him in his peripheral vision, and trusts his technique enough to watch for the ball.

As soon as Nick Foles releases the ball, Hall has begun lining it up to jump and catch the ball at its high point. Maclin has not even turned his head around at the point that Foles releases the ball. Hall is ready to take advantage of what was either a misfire, thrown too short, or a back-shoulder throw that Hall saw coming before Maclin

Crocker, on the other hand, allows a 46-yard pass to Maclin by letting his eyes wander too much. The Eagles faked a bubble screen pass to the receiver on the outside. Maclin, in the slot, runs at the outside cornerback. Crocker assumes he is going in for the block and tries to make the play by breaking hard on the pump fake.

Maclin takes off up the sideline, however, and Crocker is too far behind because he bit so hard on the fake. He took a gamble and, instead of the pick-six that was undoubtedly tempting him, he should have waited until the ball was in the air.

Still, Crocker has been better than could have ever been expected since he came back to Cincinnati. But on this play the old veteran was bested by the rookie quarterback.

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